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Online appendix
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Online appendix
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Under Revisions

"The Personality of the Politically Ambitious." Dynes, Adam M., Hans Hassell, and Matt Miles.
"Procedural Obfuscation and Electoral Accountability in Local Politics." Dynes, Adam M.

Working Papers Presented at Conferences

"Revenue Source and Electoral Accountability: Experimental Evidence from Local U.S. Policymakers." Dynes, Adam M., and Lucy Martin.
"The Effects of Political Ambition on Constituency Service." Dynes, Adam M., Hans Hassell, and Matt Miles.
"Evidence of Gendered Selection Effects: Personality Differences, Political Ambition, and Public Office." Dynes, Adam M., Hans Hassell, Matt Miles, and Jessica Robinson Preece.
"Delay, Delegation, and Obfuscation: The Politics of ‘No-Win’ Situations." Dynes, Adam M. and Justin Fox.
"Which Citizens Do Elected Officials Target with Distributive Spending? Experimental Tests of Office Holders' Targeting Strategies." Dynes, Adam M.
"Party Performance: Does the Political Party in Power Affect Policy Outcomes?" Dynes, Adam M. and John Holbein.

American Municipal Official Survey

I am the co-principal investigator (along with Daniel Butler) of the 2012, 2014, and 2016 American Municipal Official Survey (AMOS) -- the largest surveys of elected municipal officials conducted by political scientists (N > 4,000) and the first to employ survey experiments to this novel population. We plan to continue conducting the AMOS every two years and, in the long term, institutionalize the survey into a collective resource for the discipline.

Laboratories of Democracy

I am a member of The Laboratories of Democracy, a non-profit research organization of political scientists that collaborates with public officials and non-profits on field experimental research. If you work in politics and would like to partner with us, please click here.

Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy

I am a scholar at The Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy (CSED) at Brigham Young University, a nonpartisan academic research center seeking to increase knowledge about the practice of American democracy. CSED is committed to the production and dissemination of research that meets high academic standards, is useful to policy makers, and informs citizens. We also operate a research lab to help a select group undergraduate BYU students experience the research process.